Listening to Your Concern


"If you see something say something"

The Diocese of Broken Bay encourages all within our Church to join together in caring for our children and to notify the Diocese if you see any behaviours from within the Parish or Chancery community that may be causing harm to a child and it concerns you. If you or someone close to you has suffered abuse by a representative of the Catholic Church we encourage you to make contact with us. We will listen to you and your experience and discuss available options with you. The Diocese ensures that it complies with all its reporting requirements, including reporting to Police, the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian and the NSW Department of Communities and Justice. To make a report please contact a member from the Office for Safeguarding (Chancery).

P 02 8379 1605 E

Local Concern – some concerns can be managed locally, and we encourage you to approach your Parish or Parish Priest. If this is not possible for some reason the Office for Safeguarding (Chancery) welcomes your contact. A concern can be raised by completing an online form.

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Managing Disclosures and Incidents
The Diocese of Broken Bay expects all personnel of the Chancery and Parish to act upon Safeguarding concerns, disclosures and incidents. The initial response is critical to preventing harm and a person seeking assistance and healing.

The Chancery and Parish community endeavour to demonstrate a culture where people feel safe to speak up, including children.

When a disclosure is made to someone within the Church there may be legal obligations to report to authorities including the Police or the NSW Department of Communities and Justice.