Adult Faith Formation


Serving by bearing with complications and waiting in hope

 We are asked to socially distance from each other in this time of CoVid19 for very good reasons. However, as Christians we could perhaps respect these restrictions as physical or spatial distancing. We might also draw deeply from the Gospel based principles of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and see social solidarity as being called to share in the lives of our sisters and brothers with whom we share our God given human dignity. In solidarity at this time, we are asked to fast from Eucharist for a period of time that is yet unknown. At the same time, we are called to be deeply united, while being physically separated, with the common good and well being of our brothers and sisters. At this time, we might hold in prayer the all too many Christian communities throughout the world who are grateful for Eucharist once or twice in a year.


Jesus Christ is also present to us in the Word of God, the readings we listen to at Mass and in our communal prayer of the Psalm. The details of a wonderful resource that can support you with the Liturgy of the Word at home is detailed below.


Currently, there is a plethora of resources on the internet, it can be difficult to choose something that is personally meaningful. The resource below is usually a paid subscriber resource that has generously been made available in this time without cost.



 All you need to do is open the link, fill in your name and email, agree to the terms and subscribe. Liturgy Help will then open at the page for Sunday.




439_Candle_Bible_WheatSet up a prayer space in a quiet part of your home. You might use a cloth in the liturgical colour of the season, fresh flowers or a plant, a candle. an open bible and any other items that will assist you and your family to enter into this space as a space set apart for prayer. 


Open Liturgy Help and click on the appropriate Sunday. If you are gathered as a family share the proclaiming of the readings with the before and after responses. Pray the Psalm with the responses. Share some quiet reflection time together.



          Close Liturgy Help


Open Fr Jim’s homily on the Chatswood website and listen together.


 You may like to share one thing from the homily that has touched you. Talk about how this may help you in the coming week. If you live on your own, you may like to pre-arrange a phone, WhatsApp or other social media time with a friend to share your thoughts from the homily and/or the readings.



 What else is available on Liturgy Help?

A  monthly calendar on the left with the liturgy for every day of the week

 The Roman Missal


Commentaries on the Scriptures

Prayers and reflections .... and more!




(Divine Office or Prayer of the Church)

When you have Liturgy Help open, on the right hand side of the Mass for Sunday, there is a column of the items that are available. Half way down the column in a box with a blue background, there is a link for Liturgy of the Hours.

Clergy and religious congregations have prayed this prayer for centuries, either alone or in community. Increasingly, lay people are praying the Liturgy of the Hours. It’s a beautiful way of being in communion with the global church. Hold in your heart and imagination the image of thousands of people around the world praying the liturgy of the hours as you join them in praying the hours. 





Welcome to “Imagine: A Guide to Jesuit Prayer”! In this 10-part mini-series, we’ll guide you through a form of prayer called Ignatian Contemplation, in which you’ll use your imagination to interact with various scenes from Scripture.  In these podcasts, you are invited to journey with Jesus from his baptism in the Jordan to his death and resurrection, experiencing various moments in his ministry along the way.