Overview of Themes Presented

For the Young Child ages 3 - 6

The 3 - 6 year old child is particularly capable of receiving and enjoying the essential elements of our faith. The central theme for this age is the announcement of God's love in the person of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

At this level, the children are introduced to the atrium with practical life materials, the geography of the land of Israel and the liturgical colours we see at Mass. Other works include Infancy Narratives, Parables of the Kingdom, important gestures from the Mass, Paschal Narratives, and the celebration of Baptism.

For the Older Child ages 6 - 12

The central theme for this age is the image of Jesus the True Vine. This image responds to the need of the older child to know better their relationships with God, family, friends and the larger community. The child at this age seeks guidelines, which the moral parables offer.

At this level, the children are given an overview of the great work of God in Creation; the highpoint of God's love for us as expressed in the Redemption; and the future hope of the Parousia. They also go deeper into the many prayers that make up the Mass.