Kerry's Story - What led me to Alpha?

"I was on the Pastoral Council when it became evident that the program Alpha incorporated all the areas we had been striving towards, such as, Parish renewal through hospitality, community building and faith growth. The final aim was to understand the meaning of Pope Francis’s request for us all to become, missionary disciples.

We could see our parish needed a renewal. We were looking for three things:

  1. We wanted people to feel welcome at Mass and feel they belonged to our community.
  2. We wanted people to grow in faith.
  3. We also wanted what Pope Francis asked for us. He wants us to become missionary disciples.

We heard that the Alpha program could help us with these areas. So I went to the evening session for Alpha and it did those three things:

  1. The hospitality was amazing and people experienced they belonged,
  2. People did grow in their faith; they learnt how to pray to the Holy Spirit, and
  3. here we are inviting you to come to Alpha! We are sharing our faith like missionary disciples.


My relationship with Jesus comes with more understanding of how his life was a prophetic journey. It began the moment Mary said “Yes” and continued to the end when he said “It is finished”.
Jesus was always connected to his heavenly Father’s will.

  • I feel this connection more since doing Alpha because I am more aware of the gift of the Holy Spirit in my daily life.
  • I am able to enjoy the FRUITS of the Holy Spirit.
  • I experience those fruits - Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self control.


We are keen to offer you the experience of hospitality, that we had at Alpha. It is a friendly relaxed environment where you will be treated as our guest.
We invite you to join in the conversation over food, to watch the Alpha videos and then take time for more conversation about the things that people are interested in.
The Holy Spirit will be with us and lead us.
I will be at that door after Mass to talk to you about Alpha. “Come and See”.

Kerry          March 2018