Church after lockdown

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Church life after Covid lockdown 

We have all been eagerly awaiting the end of stay-at-home public health orders! The recommencement of public worship means we have resumed our usual Mass and liturgical schedule. It’s been awhile so as a reminder it is:

Monday               9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          6pm Reconciliation and Adoration OLHC

Tuesday              12.15pm Mass   OLHC

Wednesday          9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          6pm Mass OLHC

Thursday             9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          12.15pm Mass OLHC

Friday                  9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          12.15pm Mass OLHC

                            7.30pm  Reconciliation and Adoration  St Gerard’s

Saturday              9.15am Mass, Adoration and Reconciliation OLHC

                          6pm Vigil St Gerard's                    5pm Vigil OLHC 

Sunday                7.45am Mass St Gerard’s              8.30am Mass OLHC

                          9.30am Mass St Gerard’s              10.15am Mass OLHC

                            6pm Mass OLHC

As per the NSW Government roadmap, churches will be open to everyone, regardless of vaccination. Masks will be required and electronic check-in using the Service NSW app, a Service NSW Check-in card, or a computer tablet which will be at the door of each church. There will be welcomers at each weekend Mass to assist you.

Parish groups can meet again in parish meeting rooms, but only for vaccinated people until Dec 1st, so each group will decide whether to meet in person or online.

See see our updated information on COVID-19 below:

Congregation for Divine Worship Decree In Time of COVID-19
Bishop's Letter from 23 Mar 2020
Bishop's Letter from 18 Mar 2020
Fr Peter Dowd's Letter from 22 Mar 2020