Church after lockdown

Church life today 

The NSW Government has announced that the easing of some restrictions which are relevant to how we live in the parish. From Friday 18th Feb 2022, singing is permitted in all venues, including churches. QR code check-in is no longer required, however, one QR code will remain up at each church for people who still wish to use this as an aid to where they have been, should contact tracing be necessary. From 25th Feb 2022, masks will no longer be mandated, but will still be encouraged. The wearing of masks will be at each person’s discretion. The clergy and people giving Communion will continue to wear a mask whilst giving Communion for the time being.

Please see our Mass and liturgical schedule:

Monday               9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          6pm Reconciliation and Adoration OLHC

Tuesday              12.15pm Mass   OLHC

Wednesday          9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          6pm Mass OLHC

Thursday             9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          12.15pm Mass OLHC

Friday                  9.30am Mass     St Gerard’s          12.15pm Mass OLHC

                            6pm  Reconciliation and Adoration  St Gerard’s

Saturday              9.15am Mass, Adoration and Reconciliation OLHC

                          6pm Vigil St Gerard's                    5pm Vigil OLHC 

Sunday                7.45am Mass St Gerard’s              8.30am Mass OLHC

                          9.30am Mass St Gerard’s              10.15am Mass OLHC

                          5pm Youth-led Mass St Gerard's   6pm Mass OLHC

See see our updated information on COVID-19 below:

Congregation for Divine Worship Decree In Time of COVID-19
Bishop's Letter from 23 Mar 2020
Bishop's Letter from 18 Mar 2020
Fr Peter Dowd's Letter from 22 Mar 2020