Marriage, parenting and Family Life

The call to live out the vocation to marriage and family life is at the very heart of God’s plan for creation and salvation. It is the path by which we enter into this world and very often the way by which we come to know God as our loving Father.  Marriage is the foundation unit of all societies and nations and is the fundamental union which underpins the good of every family and every community. As such, we do well to spend some time in understanding what the Sacrament of Marriage actually is and what it signifies to the world at large.

In the Catholic Church marriage is understood to be a sacrament.  A sacrament is a ‘sign’ which signifies an invisible grace or gift from God and, in the case of marriage, the union of a man and woman joined in matrimony is a sign to the world of the love which Christ has for his bride the Church.  The sacramental grace given in marriage strengthens and supports the marital union and is God’s gift wherein a share in the divine life is continually on offer.

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