Towards a Pastoral Mission

The development of a Pastoral Mission will support the vision and mission of evangelisation in Broken Bay and the six key priorities Bishop Anthony Randazzo highlighted in his 2020 Pastoral Letter Jesus Christ, Our Beginning and End

This document, Towards a Pastoral Mission, is a precursor to our planned 2022-2025 pastoral mission entitled One in Christ, which will be released shortly and outline the outcomes we would like to work towards.

With your input we can ensure our pastoral mission, goals and priorities are aligned to the needs of the communities and individuals we serve.

You are invited to consider six questions in this document and provide us your feedback as we continue to develop the Pastoral Mission. For the questions, your responses and the submission form visit

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"It is my hope and prayer that through the development of a Pastoral Mission, we may serve and be an ever-greater support to the community of the Church of Broken Bay in living out the call and mission of Jesus Christ"

- Most Rev Anthony Randazzo



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