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Our new year has started in the most dramatic of circumstances. We have been confronted with the enormity of the scale of the bushfires which have brought loss of life, the destruction of property and our landscape, and the demise of so much wildlife. It has been a heartbreaking time for many in Australia, and an anxious one for us all. Many of us are now wondering how we might assist those who have been as tragically affected. It is important that along with so many who are now contributing to help those people and communities affected by this crisis that, as a Diocese, we too join this effort.

This page details the various initiatives that are being taken by our Diocese in response to the crisis. It offers a range of possibilities for both individuals and communities to assist in this response. We also post other resources to assist people and parishes including, most importantly, prayers.

Let us continue to hold in our hearts those who have lost so much, and especially let us remember in prayer of gratitude those who are giving of themselves so generously to protect life and property and those who are volunteering in many different ways in support of our communities.

Click here to read the full letter to the Clergy and People of the Diocese of Broken Bay



Bushfire News


Backpacks for Bushfire Victims

7 Feb 2020

It was a dilemma facing millions when the bushfires hit our towns and bush lands. What can we do? I heard this so much t ...

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Australia Day Message from the Vicar General

21 Jan 2020

A letter from Fr David Ranson regarding Australia Day, the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal and Word of God Sunday

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To the Clergy and People of Broken Bay National Bushfire Crisis

10 Jan 2020

A letter from the Vicar General of Broken Bay regarding the National Bushfire Crisis.

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Catholic Church plans national response to bushfire crisis

7 Jan 2020

Australia is facing an unprecedented calamity as fire engulfs the land in many places. We have all seen the apocalyptic ...