Inauguration and Installation Live Stream

The live stream was shown on Saturday 22 October and can be viewed below.

St John Paul II Information

Saint John Paul II, born Karol Józef Wojtyła, was the 264th Pope of the Catholic Church. From humble beginnings in occupied Poland during World War II, he went on to become the leader of the Church.

He is widely recognised as one of the most influential and inspiring figures of the 20th century, revered by both Christians and non-Christians.

Establishment of the Shrine

In January 2022, Father Greg Skulski, parish priest from Gosford Parish, approached Most Reverend Anthony Randazzo, Bishop of Broken Bay, seeking permission to obtain the first-class relic, with a vision to establish a shrine at St Patrick’s Church, East Gosford.

On Divine Mercy Sunday, 24 April 2022, Bishop Anthony announced the relic would be installed.

The relic of St John Paul II installed in the shrine at St. Patrick’s Church, East Gosford is a First Class Relic, a collection of strands of his hair. These were collected when Saint John Paul II was in residence as Pope in the Vatican, and were kept by Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki in Lviv, Ukraine. It will be the first permanent Shrine of St John Paul II to be housed in Australia.

What is a Relic?

A relic is an object or article of special religious significance, normally related to a saint. It can be a physical remain of the saint or one of their personal effects. They are used as a memorial to the saint.

In the same way someone may keep things owned by a deceased relative or friends as a way of keeping a connection to them, relics help keep us connected to the saints and the inspiration of their lives.

They are divided into different classes. First Class Relics are relics which were an actual part of the saint, such as a limb, bone fragment or hair. Second Class Relics are something that was owned by the saint or used to torture a martyr. Third Class Relics are anything that have touched a First Class Relic.

Relics do not have “magic powers” but are often are associated with miracles, as people pray for the intercession of the saint whose relics are before them. They are a unique way to directly connect with saints who inspire us through their faith and miracles.

The Saint Pope John Paul II Pastoral Centre

The Centre aims to be of service to the people of the Diocese of Broken Bay through the provision of what St Pope John Paul II described as “that mission of two gaining new impetus in Christian living, making it the force which inspires our journey of faith” [Novo Millennio Ineunte … On Entering the New Millennium, 2001].

A number of facilities are available for use, including a conference room, meeting rooms, a hospitality area and a display room exploring the life of Saint Pope John Paul II. These facilities seek to provide a variety of opportunities to help deepen people’s faith and educate the whole person; body, mind, spirit and heart. The Saint John Paul II Pastoral Centre commits to the calling to “Launch out into the deep” and to proclaim the Good News to all, young and old, lay and cleric.

The Centre is focused on pastoral development and renewal within the Central Coast and wider region of the Broken Bay diocese, with its facilities also available to external organisations.

There are many opportunities available for those interested in utilising the Centre and its facilities, including pilgrimages to the Relic of Saint Pope John Paul II installed in St Patrick’s Church. If interested, or to find more information, email us at or at 0499 386 336.

Contact the Pastoral Centre for:
Group pilgrimages, talks, conferences, faith formation, workshops, JPII display.
Pastoral Centre email:
Phone: 0499 386 336

Further information:
Shrine address:
St. Patrick’s Church, 76 York Street, East Gosford 2250
Pastoral Centre address:
58 Victoria Street, East Gosford

Contact the Parish Office for:
Mass intentions or information about the parish.
Parish Email:
76 York Street, East Gosford 2250
Phone: (02) 4325 1042

Frequently Asked Questions

There is limited parking on site. There is plenty of parking nearby and a short walk to the parish. See the map and directions here.