The return of our Parish Masses

After our long separation from the Eucharist and from one another as a community the day draws nearer to both separations coming to an end.
We’re so looking forward to seeing you!   
Here’s an outline of the next steps on the journey :


Please note the change from last week's announcement that our Sunday Masses would begin on the weekend of 30th/31st.   Please read on:

  • Sunday Masses will resume on the weekend of 23/24 October and weekday Masses will resume on Monday 25th October.

  • From then until the end of November the capacity of our churches will be set by the one person per four square metres rule and so to ensure that we have space for everyone the weekend Masses at Lindfield over those five weeks will be in MacKillop Hall adjacent to the church.  Masses at Killara will of course be in the church.
  • There will be no need to book for Mass.
  • During that five week period the public health order requires:

·that masks be worn in church

· that everyone ‘signs in’ using either the QR code  UPDATE:   if you don’t have a smartphone to scan the code DON’T WORRY—our welcomers will have access to a phone which will be able to sign you in.    You don’t need to obtain your own QR code from Services NSW.  Just turn up.
·that everyone sanitises their hands upon entry

  • During this period singing will not be permitted, though we will of course ensure that music is provided at our celebrations as we have done in the past.
  • The NSW government has decided not to require proof of vaccination to attend Mass during this period.
  • Please note that the parish will no longer provide face masks since this has come at a considerable cost, and also  because everyone now carries face masks because of  their widespread requirement.   Please don’t forget to bring your face mask with you to Mass.
  • During the period when face masks are required to be worn, when coming forward to receive Holy Communion PLEASE LEAVE YOUR FACE MASK ON, receive the Host in your hand, then step to the side before lowering your mask and receiving the Host. Please then replace your mask and return to your seat. 
  • For conscientious reasons for the sake of our own health and that of our Eucharistic Ministers Fr Thomas and I have decided that, as was our practice since the advent of CoVid,  Holy Communion will NOT be given on the tongue in our parish.  We ask that in these unique days of pandemic that this decision is understood and respected.
  • Our two churches are now re-opened for private prayer. The hours of opening are given in the parish bulletin.  During this initial period anyone visiting the church must wear a mask, sanitise their hands and check in with the QR code. 
  • Weddings and funerals with up to 62 people attending at Lindfield and 66 attending at Killara may take place, though all must be fully vaccinated.
  • As of Monday 25th October weekday Masses will resume being celebrated (on weekdays the Masses at Lindfield will be in the church).   
  • We won’t resume our non-liturgical face to face gatherings for a little while yet.  Thus our various online parish groups will continue meeting in that forum at this stage until the end of the year.

From 1st December onwards most restrictions will be eased or reduced and so:

·singing will return to our celebrations

·our capacity will increase to one person per two square metres (the same as before we went into lockdown) and so we’ll have plenty of space.  Sunday Masses at Lindfield return to the church.

Let’s work together to re-build, renew and re-create our community of faith.


Fr Colin