Diocese of Broken Bay Rich in Vocations

1 October 2020

In the Diocese of Broken Bay, October 2020 will see a bounty of vocational activity as Bishop Anthony Randazzo marks a number of significant steps in the journey of several young men toward the priesthood.

Three men will be ordained to the Order of Deacons during October and another five will be instituted into the Ministry of Lector in November.

In a year of many challenges Bishop Randazzo says it is a “sign of great encouragement to us and we thank God for the way in which the Spirit moves in our community bringing forth generous men to serve and lead our people.”

On Sunday 4 October at Solemn Vespers at the Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara, Bishop Anthony will receive the Profession of Faith, Oath of Fidelity and Personal Declarations of Freedom from three ordinands, Rogelio (Roger) Delmonte, Aldrin Valdehueza and Samuel French.

Samuel French, aged 26 said it is his hope “the sacramental grace of the diaconate may increase in me and my diocesan brothers what we have gained in formation, more closely conforming our hearts to the servant heart of Jesus in the service of God and His holy people.”

Sam, Aldrin and RogerOn Wednesday 7 October at Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara, Bishop Randazzo will ordain Roger Delmonte to the Order of Deacons. Bishop Randazzo will also ordain to the Order of Deacons Aldrin Valdehueza on Wednesday 14 October at Our Lady of Dolours Church, Chatswood, and Samuel French on Thursday 22 October at St Agatha’s Church, Pennant Hills.

Aldrin Valdehueza, aged 38 said it was unfortunate his family and closest friends from overseas will not be able to join him for the occasion.

“However, I look at this situation in a perspective of hope and in solidarity with the millions of suffering people throughout the world who have gotten sick, lost loved ones, been retrenched, and suffered loneliness and isolation in this time of pandemic.”

On Saturday 7 November at the Cathedral, Bishop Randazzo will institute into the Ministry of Lector seminarians Huy Tan, Tân Nguyen, Shayne D’Cunha, and Diaconate Aspirants Richard Houwing and Eric Leahy.

The last ordination to the Order of Deacons in the Diocese of Broken Bay was in 2017 and the last priestly ordination for the Diocese was in 2013.