Rite of Election 2021

Rite of Election 2021-4357323 February 2021

On Sunday 21 February, Bishop Anthony Randazzo welcomed Catechumens from across the Diocese of Broken Bay to the Cathedral for the Rite of Election.

Thirty Catechumens from eight parishes were present to be formally enrolled as members of the Elect and enter into their final period of preparation before receiving the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. Their names, written in their parish’s Book of the Elect, were presented to Bishop Anthony who signed each book. A prayer was also offered for Candidates – those who are already Baptised, but will be received into the Catholic Church at Easter.

We pray thRite of Election 2021-43591at each Catechumen and Candidate will be filled with God’s grace and blessing as thRite of Election 2021-43574ey journey towards the Easter Liturgies.Rite of Election 2021-43594Rite of Election 2021-43595Rite of Election 2021-43583Rite of Election 2021-43589Rite of Election 2021-43580

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