RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. It may also be referred to as ‘the Catechumenate.’ It is a process of Christian formation offered to those who seek to become Catholic.

The initiation of new members is a gradual process allowing enquirers time to grow in faith and become full participants of the Catholic community. The catechumenal journey or RCIA process is marked by three major liturgical rites.* These rites act as key gateways along the way. Each major rite is preceded and followed by a period of maturing faith.

RCIA Teams looking for resources for their programs may wish to consider the following:

Published by the Catholic Truth Society, England, it covers the basics of the Catholic faith over 24 sessions or topics. There is a Participant’s Book, Leader’s Guide and also a CD ROM available which can all assist RCIA teams especially for catechesis in the Period of the Catechumenate. It is a good foundational resource to start from and always great, if possible practically and financially, for catechumens to have their own copy. It also contains beautiful artwork.

Available from the Mustard Seed Bookshop

At Home with God’s People
A learning resource for Catechumenate groups and Catholics seeking to understand the teachings of the Catholic Church; this book provides reflections, prayers, scripture references, discussion questions and information on twenty-five topics.

Available from Evangelisation Brisbane