Message from Bishop Anthony Randazzo

Message from Bishop Anthony Randazzo

Bishop Anthony

 Relationships are important. They are vital to our understanding of what it means to be human and we are made to be in relationship.

At our baptism, we are gifted with right-relationship with God. Our lives are meant to be a discovery and living out of this great gift which dignifies our very selves and in turn brings dignity to those around us. The more our relationships flourish the more alive we become; the more fragmented our relationships, the more isolated we are, the less we become our true selves.

God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three persons united in a relationship of love. We were made to participate in this wonderful and mysterious triune exchange, both now in this life and for eternity to come.

Our relationships with loved ones, family, friends and others can sometimes be difficult. To live with open hearts, receptive and giving of love, is never easy. Selfishness easily creeps in and cuts us off from others. At worst, dynamics of domination and submission can give some a sense of power over others. This disfigures both the identity of the perpetrator and the one who is abused.

Domestic violence is a distressing illustration of this. It can occur in a variety of forms – physical, verbal, sexual, psychological, and spiritual. The family home is meant to be a place where God’s love is reflected and nurtured rather than abused or violated.

As people of faith, we cannot remain silent in the face of violence. We reject any behaviour which erodes the human person and diminishes their unique identity and dignity. Our task is to foster fruitful relationships and build communities of peace, safety and reconciliation.

I commend this resource to you firstly, that together we may become more aware of the sad reality of domestic violence in our society and secondly, to help our communities respond appropriately to disclosures of domestic violence. Through this, may we together become better educated so as to work against the various personal and social factors that contribute to all forms of abuse within our homes.

May the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with you and guide us forward in this important work of justice, healing and peace.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Most Rev Anthony Randazzo DD, JCL

Bishop of Broken Bay