Safeguarding Background

Education and Awareness

educationThe Office for Safeguarding (Chancery) assists to develop a culture and practice of safeguarding amongst the clergy and parishes to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults through its Safeguarding Education and Awareness program. The intense examination and research of how institutions responded in the past to the harm of children has highlighted the need for communities to be provided with opportunities for education and training in promoting safe practices to generate a safe environment for all those who belong to a community.

Our understanding of a community of safety and care is built upon the principles of a child safe organisation. These principles form the basis of programs of raising awareness and education. The Catholic Church has identified these principles of a child safe organisation as the 10 National Catholic Safeguarding Standards. These Standards constitute a framework which articulates requirements for Catholic entities to promote the safety of children through the implementation of policies and activities to prevent and be attentive to concerns regarding the safety of the children.

Clergy Safeguarding and Child Protection Training Calendar
Parish Safeguarding Presentation Calendar

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The Chancery and Parish Education and Awareness Program has been developed to ensure Clergy, Chancery and Parish workers are equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children and vulnerable adults safe through continual education and training (Royal Commission, Standard 7, Vol 6 p 428, 2017).

Safeguarding Month:

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Throughout the month of September the agencies of the Diocese of Broken Bay, CatholicCare, Catholic Schools Office, Chancery Offices and Parishes, promote scheduled events that highlight the importance of Safeguarding. If you require further information about this year’s program for Safeguarding Month please contact the relevant Safeguarding Office.

Liturgy for victims and survivors of abuse:

2019 Liturgy of Inclusion and Care - Tuesday 3rd September at Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara, 7pm.  You are invited to gather to pray for a safe community in which all experience a sense of belonging.

A public acknowledgment of the pain and suffering of those who have been wounded by abuse in the Catholic Church, and an expression of commitment to ensure the ongoing protection and safety of children and vulnerable adults, is the foundation of an annual Diocesan Liturgy held during Safeguarding Month. This significant event brings together Clergy, parishioners and the wider community.

Annually, during September, the Diocese comes together to remember and pray for victims and survivors of abuse.
The Liturgy of Commitment and Care, 2018 Prayer Booklet

Homily by Fr David Ranson, Diocesan Administrator at the Liturgy of Commitment and Care

Reflections by Very Rev Dr David Ranson: Moral Issues of our Times (2018)

Creating a Safe Church from Within: Fr Hans Zollner SJ