Safeguarding Background

Mary Who Unties Knots


The Diocesan Office for Safeguarding places a special devotion to the blessed Mother under the title “Mary Who Unties Knots”.

"We present our difficulties, our knots to her, especially the ones which affect the Christian life of our family" – Pope Francis

Prayer Card

Sometimes we cannot unravel our own knots, or our own pain without help. Mary Who Unties Knots is there for us.

Mary has been invoked under the title of ‘Mary Who Unties Knots”. Her feast is celebrated on 8 December.

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The devotion of the Blessed Mother under the title “Mary Who Unties Knots”(sometimes known as “Mary Undoer of Knots”) is based on a painting that was commissioned as an offering of thanksgiving for a favour received. This painting can still be seen at the Church of Sankt Peter and Perlach in Augsburg, Germany.