Safeguarding Background

Royal Commission and Research

The Royal Commission was established by the Federal Government in 2012 to investigate how institutions such as the Catholic Church responded to victims and allegations of sexual abuse over the past decades.

The leaders of the Catholic Church in Australia made a commitment recognising and acknowledging the crimes of child sexual abuse, the extent to which this occurred in the Catholic Church in Australia and the devastating, deep and ongoing impact this abuse has on the lives of the victims and their families.

Royal Commission Final Report
The Final Report brings together what the Royal Commission learned during their five-year (2013 – 2017) inquiry. The Report sets out what the Commissioners of the Royal Commission have heard, their conclusions and recommendations to better prevent and respond to child sexual abuse in institutions.

report The Final Report is made up of a preface and executive summary and 17 volumes. A complete library of these documents is available from the Royal Commission website

All Offices for Safeguarding have engaged comprehensively with the information presented by the Royal Commission and is dedicated to applying the recommendations and research in its training packages, policy and processes.

Royal Commission Research

To make recommendations the commissioners needed to understand more about child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. The Royal Commission established a program of research to answer some key questions and gaps in the Australian and international evidence base. The research agenda incorporated the themes;

  1. Causes
  2. Prevention
  3. Identification
  4. Institutional response
  5. Government Responses
  6. Treatment and support needs
  7. Institutions of Interest
  8. Ensuring a positive impact
The Royal Commission have listed support services.