Legislation to Protect Children

The Reportable Conduct Scheme (The Scheme)
safeguarding-seaside-stones-275pxUnder the Children's Guardian Act 2019 the Scheme covers religious bodies. Anyone who has Working With Children Check for their engagement with the Parish and Chancery falls within the Scheme. The Scheme is in place to monitor the behaviour of those that work with children. 

The Scheme monitors how organisations investigate and report on certain conduct (known as 'reportable allegations' and 'reportable convictions') made against their employees, volunteers or certain contractors who provide services to children. The Scheme is administered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian. To report an incident of Reportable Conduct, immediately contact the Parish Priest or the Office for Safeguarding.

Mandatory Reporting
Persons in religious ministry or persons providing religion-based activities are included as Mandatory Reporters (The Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998). Mandatory Reporters have a legal obligation to make a report to the Department of Communities and Justice if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is at Risk of Significant Harm.

Working With Children Check

“The working with children check is only one way our Diocese ensures those that access children act appropriately.”

Diocesan policies, procedures and practices seek to highlight the importance of protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults by detailing best practice and the procedures that must be taken by the relevant agencies.

The Chancery & Parishes comply with Working With Children Check legislation.