Visiting Clergy

In order to carry out a public ministry in the Diocese of Broken Bay, visiting clergy or religious to the diocese are required to be compliant with both Civil Law and Church requirements. Please complete the online form below.



Please mark those statements that you are currently able to affirm unconditionally:

Please mark if applicable

Applicant’s Disclosure – If you are unable to affirm at least one of the above statements, briefly explain why and  provide any other relevant information or comment.  Further and relevant documentation from you and your Church Authority may be attached along with this form. 


I understand that the receiving Church Authority will use this declaration and disclosure, along with the statement of my Church Authority, as the beginning point for assessing my suitability to publicly minister. I will assist with any further enquiries and risk assessments as well as legal and other background checks/screening requirements prior to a grant of short-term faculties being made. 


Date(s) of Planned Active Ministry for this visit:
If you are visiting more than one mass centre please include details in the comments box below.


If the purpose of the visit is to be the presiding celebrant at a Marriage, a Faculty to assist at Marriage is required. To obtain this Faculty, you will need to email Fr David Ranson, Vicar General of the Diocese of Broken Bay directly at In the email please provide the couples name and religion, date of marriage, place of marriage and the request for the Faculty of Marriage.


Please provide either a Celebret (International Visitor) OR a completed Church Authority Safeguarding Statement (available here), documentation must be signed by your Church Authority OR ACMR Number.

Alternatively you can email documentation to


Those visiting Clergy who hold a NSW Working With Children Check number, please provide the WWCC number below.

A WWCC is a requirement for all clergy who minister for more than 5 days in a calendar year in NSW, Australia.

For those Clergy who DO NOT hold a NSW Working With Children Check, please complete all the required information in this section.
Number of days of past ministry in NSW in the last 12 month period?
Number of days of ministry in NSW for this visit?
Note: The period of 5 days refers to the actual days spent providing religious services. e.g. Celebrating Mass, hearing confession, etc. [If you are visiting for the purpose of a religious event or tour that is less than 30 days please email event details to]
If you have entered a total of 30 + days a NSW WWCC number or NSW WWCC application is required. Please refer to the Office of the Children's Guardian webpage for further details on applying for a NSW WWCC. Email on receiving Working With Children application number.
If you are a holder of an interstate Working With Children card please upload a copy below.
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