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Safeguarding in Our Parish

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, as part of the Diocese of Broken Bay, strives to promote a culture of safety and care for children, young people and vulnerable adults in its care and is committed to maintaining a pastoral community that models the essential qualities of ethical and moral behaviours. The principles upon which these behaviours are founded include; Integrity, Commitment, Presence, Servant Leadership, Truth, Compassion, Wisdom and Dignity.

The Parish/Diocese invites its entire people to embrace and contribute to a culture of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Safeguarding seeks to ensure children and vulnerable people are provided with the fundamental right to be kept safe and respected. This right is held sacred in our Gospel, international and local laws and within our Church policy and practice.

What is Safeguarding?

Parishes throughout the Diocese of Broken Bay demonstrate a commitment to their people by the provision of many varied ministries. It is through these ministries that the value and personal dignity of the parishioner is celebrated and protected. When a parish is called upon to safeguard its people, the Catholic Church is asking them to pro-actively support a culture of safety and care that espouses honesty, engagement, and conversation. The result is a community environment where children and vulnerable adults: know that their community is alert to areas of risk and harm, and are capable of applying appropriate actions of prevention; are confident to voice their concerns at all times, and have trust that their concerns will be listened to respectfully and seriously.

Your Concerns

If you have any safeguarding concerns or enquiries, in the first instance, you may speak to our Parish Priest, Fr Stevens, or contact the parish staff who will be able to direct your enquiry.

The Safeguarding offices within the Diocese consist of:
i.  Diocesan Office for Safeguarding
ii.  Office for Safeguarding (Chancery)
iii.  Office for Safeguarding (Catholic Schools Office)
iv.  Office for Safeguarding (CatholicCare)

Each office is responsible for raising awareness and providing education on best practice to highlight our shared responsibility for the protection and safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Each office supports the Diocese in striving to respond compassionately and justly to allegations and disclosures of abuse and is fully compliant with child protection laws.