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The Catholic Community of North Harbour
2 King Street Manly Vale NSW 2093

sksmallSt Kieran's Church
See Map Below
349 Condamine Manly Vale NSW 2093
Phone: (02) 9949 4455

scsmallSt Cecilia's Church
See Map Below
Wanganella & White Streets
Balgowlah NSW 2093

Contact Details

Name Position Email
Fr Dave Austin OSA Parish Priest
Fr Paul Maloney OSA Assistant Parish Priest
Fr John Sullivan OSA Assistant Parish Priest
Jacky Worthington
Parish Manager
Janette Davidson
Sacramental Co-ordinator
Ursula Halloway
Catechist Co-ordinator
Anne Ross and Jane Filacuridi  Parish Secretaries
Marianne Deveza
Music Co-ordinator
Ms Anna Marsella St Kieran's
School Principal Phone 9949 3523
Ms Louise O'Brien St Cecilia's
School Principal Phone 9948 3069