Baptism - Children (RCIC)

My child wants to become a Catholic.   
I want my child to become a Catholic.

What do I do now?

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to understanding more about you and your child and the events which have led to this request to become a Catholic. To be eligible to join the program at least one parent needs to be Catholic. If this is not the case, we still welcome your enquiry and are happy to discuss this further with you. 

The Catholic Church is a world-wide family of believers who follow the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ. Catholics share a distinct way of life characterized by certain beliefs, values and patterns of worship. The Catholic Church is not just a ‘what’ (a religion) but a ‘who’ (a people, a community).

Becoming a Catholic is a serious commitment and entails certain obligations. It is not simply a ‘membership badge’, but a commitment to a community and a way of living.

Step one:  Become acquainted with our parish community (if not already). One of the best ways to do this is to start coming to the Sunday Mass with your child. At the Sunday morning ‘Family Mass’ (9:00am at St Cecilia’s and 9:30am at St Kieran’s) Children’s Liturgy is celebrated with some special activities for the children to teach them about Jesus and to involve them in the parish community. Encourage your child to join in with the other children as invited by the priest, you can also join them at the Children’s Liturgy.

Step two:  If you have been coming to church for a while and your child is still keen to be baptised you can contact the Family and Sacramental Coordinator and submit a ‘Baptism Enrolment’ form (available from the parish office, Church foyer or parish website).

Step three:  After meeting with the priest or talking with the Sacramental Coordinator, if Baptism is considered an appropriate step, we will invite you and your child to attend our Baptism preparation sessions for young children who are preparing to be baptised.

Step four:  During the preparation sessions we encourage you to continue to bring your child to Mass and to participate in Children’s Liturgy. In this way they continue to learn about Jesus and to develop the habit of coming to Church and mixing with their Catholic peers.

Homework for the Parents
Before your child comes to the first Baptism session, we ask that you chat with them about their name… how did you choose their name? Is there a story behind it? Are they named after someone? Do you know what their name means?

The child to be baptised must have at least one godparent who is a fully initiated, practising Catholic over the age of 16.  The godparent/s stand beside the parents during the ceremony. Their role is to support the parents in raising their child in the Catholic faith. They are called to take a special interest in their godchild’s personal and spiritual development.