Current Confirmation Program


Children must be baptised and be eight years of age or older (from Year 3). Ideally Confirmation should be the first Sacrament celebrated after Baptism.

Enrolment for 2022 -2023 Sacramental Program:
Online from 9 May until 10 June
Parents sign up to participate with their child in family group home sessions and provide documentation (including a copy of baptismal certificate if baptized outside the North Harbour Parish).

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM OVERVIEW Parent Meeting for parents new to the program. How do we accompany our children in the program as parents, parish and school? (See right in box at the top of centre column)

Tues 7 June, 9.30am OR
Wed 8 June, 7.00pm both in SK Church.
Group Facilitator Training:
Tues 7 June, 10.30am OR
Wed 8 June, 8.00pm both in SK Church.

Presentation Mass: attend any of the Masses.
Sat 23 July OR Sun 24 July.

Family Preparation Group Sessions:
These are held in homes/Parish Centre from 9 June to 7 August.

Ritual of the Creed:
attend any of the Masses.
Sat 30 July OR Sun 31 July.

Tues 9 August, 4.00pm in SK OR 7.00pm in SC Church
Wed 10 August, 7.00pm in SK Church.

Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation
Sat 13 August at 10am in SK Church
12 noon in SC Church, 3pm in SK Church and 5pm in SC Church