Reconciliation - Penance

"The church is solicitous in calling the faithful to continual conversion and renewal. It desires that the baptised who have sinned should acknowledge their sins against God and their neighbour and have heartfelt repentance for them." Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, 1973.

The Sacrament of Penance (commonly known as 'Reconciliation') is held in the church of St Kieran

Each Saturday from 5.00pm to 6.00pm

The above takes the form of the First Rite of Penance or Rite of Reconciliation of Individual Penitents.

The Second Rite or the Rite for Reconciliation of Several Penitents with individual Confession and Absolution is held during Advent and Lent.

The date for these may be found on this site under 'Christmas' and 'Lent'.

reconciliation_2During these Rites the priest may bless the petitent thus:

reconciliation_2"May the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary
and of all the saints,
whatever good you do and suffering you endure,
heal your sins,
help you to grow in holiness,
and reward you with eternal life.
Go in peace."