Adult Faith Education

Adult Faith

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Adult Faith Education begins with our own life experience and reality. We are called by God through Baptism and commissioned in Christ and empowered through the Holy Spirit to bring about the reign of God on Earth.

Adult Faith Education fosters and assists adult Christians to understand the sublime nature of their calling and to put into practice their baptismal role as priest, prophet and king.

It embraces actual teaching- embodying theology, sacred scripture and spirituality as an integral whole, inspiring fellowship and community in communion with one another and the expression of all this is meaningful liturgy.

The focus and aims of Adult Faith Education/Foundation are as follows:

Raising the horizons of human consciousness.

Bringing together new insights to assist us to participate more fully in our mission to one another and the wider world, following the authentic witness of Social Justice for all, exemplified in the person of Jesus Christ.

Better knowledge and understanding of the biblical scriptures and historical roots of our Catholic tradition, leading us to appreciate and live into the richness of our heritage.

Renewing our spirtituality which includes the embracing and integration of the whole person- body, mind and spirit.

Recovering and reclaiming the mystical tradition within ourselves and our own faith tradition.

Coordinator Adult Faith Education/Formation: Sr Margaret Collis 9974 4116

Coordinator RCIA: Erich Ott  0409 124 840