Children's Liturgy

Childrens Liturgy

Jesus said "Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them." Matthew 19:14

What a privilege it is to share some time with the little people of our Parish.

Every Sunday, the parents or grandparents allow their children to join us for this special time.

The childrens' liturgy at Maria Regina, Avalon takes place during the 9am Mass on each Sunday of the month including holidays. At Mona Vale, the Liturgy is held during the Saurday 5pm Mass during school term.

Following the opening prayer, the children are called up to the front and handed the liturgy candle and book.

After the Gloria, led by a child carrying a candle to represent the light of Christ and another child holding a prayer book, the children go to the parish hall which has been set up with tables and pencils to work on a worksheet that corresponds to the readings of the day and to pray together.

The ages of the children range from 3 to 12. Sometimes younger ones come but they need to be accompanied by a parent. The number of children ranges from 2-20.

The children enjoy participating in all areas- praying, discussing experiences and sharing their thoughts. The leaders explain the message from the Gospel and share their own knowledge of our faith.

During the offertory, the children gather at the back of the Church and bring the gifts to the altar and rejoin the congregation.

The children are delightful and return home with a colourful and informative page to show their parents who we hope encourage the child to understand the word for the day and how it can be applied to their young lives.

We are happy to be of service to God and doing a little bit to extend His kingdom.

All our volunteers comply with the Working With Children Check (WWCC) Requirements.