Vox Populi - By Bill Aitken - Searching for Justice

Bill Aitken enjoyed an eclectic and varied career as an actor with Queensland Theatre Company and Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane where he was also Youth Director. He wrote for ABCTV and Radio, worked as a Drama Therapist and as a teacher and lecturer in English and Drama. In Sydney his career moved into Arts Administration as Presentations Organiser for NSW Arts Council and from there into Shopping Centre Marketing and Management and the formation of his own marketing company Centerprise through which he edited and produced The Monthly Chronicle community newspaper for 26 years. Bill is a parishioner at Hornsby Cathedral Parish and has shared 47 years with his wife Carmel, and they have ten children.

Searching for Justice by Bill Aitken
The old adage regarding the difficulty in separating the wood from the trees comes to mind as we travel our personal life paths. How often do we falter? How often are we distracted by tracks that take us nowhere? How often do our egos and selfishness lead us to act in a manner that benefits no-one but ourselves?
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