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 bulletin 3.12.23

Actively Awaiting

Jesus uses a number of vigorous verbs in this Gospel to describe the behaviour he wants to see as we await his coming: we are to ‘be alert', to ‘be awake'. These are all applied to our ordinary existence. Yes, the daily round that doesn't seem important in the eyes of the world is precious in the eyes of God as it is in daily life that the kingdom of God is unfolding for us. We do not drift into this kingdom or find ourselves within by default. God wants us to actively and effectively participate in making his kingdom a reality in our world. It takes great daily courage to take these words to heart but when we do our lives, our often very humble lives, attain a meaning and depth that cannot come from human sources. Judgement will be made, not upon what presentation we may be able to drum up at the last minute, but rather on what we do day-by-day when no-one is around. When we trust the plan that God has for our lives, the grace of the Spirit opens our eyes to infinite vistas in the confined spaces of our daily life.

God’s Word
Sr Kym Harris OSB

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