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The Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and Eucharist


The Sacrament of Confirmation completes Baptism. The process of preparing for Confirmation involves accepting Jesus’ invitation to “Come and see” (Jn 1:39). It summons children and their parents to join others on the spiritual journey that began at Baptism. It challenges them to listen more closely to the Spirit, received at Baptism, as they hear again Jesus’ message and the call to discipleship. It invites them to recall the meaning of their Baptism and to re-form attitudes and values in the light of their own story, the story of God in scripture and the Church.


Forgiveness lies at the heart of our Christian faith. Jesus died that sins might be forgiven (Mt 26:28, and through the cross of Jesus, God reconciled us, “not holding our faults against us” (2Cor 5:19).

As with preparation of the other Sacraments, it is the experience of the Sacrament, in this case, the experience of forgiveness, that is central. The parent brings the child to this awareness.

Within the unique relationship between parent and child, the sharing of this insight is particularly meaningful. At this time the child will not know a lot about the Sacrament. The knowledge requirement is selective and simple: that God forgives me when I am sorry. It is the experience of forgiveness that is the focus. All that is done should ensure that it is a meaningful experience for the child.


The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Catholic life. It embodies in itself the fullness of the Christian mystery. It is the climax of our initiation as Christians. Each time we celebrate the Eucharist we express and affirm the faith that we professed in Baptism and Confirmation.

In receiving the Eucharist we become one with Jesus. At this time in the child’s faith journey the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is a hard concept for them to understand. The  parent/carer at this stage can only try to share their own childhood experience of the yearning and joy in receiving Holy Communion as it was then known.

Confirmation is available to children in Year 3 and above who have been Baptised Catholic.

Reconciliation is available to children in Year 4 and above who have been Baptised and Confirmed.

Holy Communion is available to children in Year4 and above who have been Baptised and Confirmed and have made their Reconciliation.

Parents/Carers of children not yet Baptised and seeking the Sacraments should contact the parish office to ask about our RCIC programme (Rite of Christian Initiation of Children).


The Sacramental preparation program in our parish, and indeed throughout the Diocese of Broken Bay, is a parish based and family centred process. It is structured in a way for parents and their child to work through the booklets together as part of a parish sacramental group under the guidance of a group leader, and to continue the discussion and exercises at home. Both parish and family play an important role in journeying with the children towards full initiation into the Church.

The Sacramental Programme has three parts:

Parents/Carers seeking the reception of the Sacraments for their children are required to attend the information and enrolment night. This is an opportunity for parents to obtain information about the Sacrament, an overview of the content of  the classes and a review of the Sacramental ceremonies. There is also an opportunity for questions and discussion. The evening is for parents and carers (children are not required to attend), to support them with all they will need in order to prepare their children for the Sacraments.

On a nominated weekend during the programme children and their families are invited to attend one of the weekend Masses. (5:00pm Saturday evening or 8:00am or 9:30am Sunday Masses)

This step affirms your child's belonging to the parish community and invites the whole community to pray for you child.

Leading up to each Sacrament there are four (4), one hour preparation sessions that are held at the Parish Centre, next door to the Church. A parent/carer is required to attend each session with their child. While the program is parish based it is also family centred with activities to be completed at home to emphasise the home as a faith community. These classes provide the children with an understanding of the symbols and processes for receiving each Sacrament. Children and their  families are encouraged to attend the weekend Masses throughout the programme in order to enhance their preparation.  Dates and times for classes are provided for each Sacrament at the information evenings or as advertised on webiste.

Pastoral Associate: Colleen
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