Special Religious Education (Catechists)

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A Special Ministry
The Special Religious Education (SRE) or Catechist Ministry is a vital outreach to our Catholic children in the State Schools of our parish.

Who is a Catechist?

A Catechist (SRE teacher) is a person who gives her/his time voluntarily to provide Special Religious Education to children in our parish public primary schools. An SRE Assistant helps the catechist in the classroom. 
Catechists are those who are called to serve through teaching, witness, prayer, service and building community.

What is Required?

Commitment to the Catholic Church and its teachings
Participation in training and faith formation
Current Working with Children Check (WWCC) or willingness to obtain one

What is Involved?

Catechists typically spend 1-2 hours per week, (school terms only) preparing, teaching and sharing their faith with students in one of our 4 parish public primary schools.

What Do You Teach?

"Walking with Jesus-Pathways of Discipleship" is the authorised curriculum for the Diocese of Broken Bay. It has been specifically designed for Catechists to use in the' classroom. The detailed weekly lesson plans make teaching easy.
The Diocese offers training through- out the year to equip the Catechists with skills such as safeguarding children and classroom management; teaching strategies eg: using prayer, music, drama and technology. All training is free of charge and some can be completed online.

Why Be a Catechist?

The impact you will have on our young people is unique and lasting. You will be welcomed by them, eager to hear about God's love. You will form a special relationship with those you teach, that in many ways, lives on in their minds and hearts long after they finish school.


Five Surprising Benefits of Being a Catechist

1. Quality Relationships
Discover new friendships and build quality relationships.
2. By Giving, We Receive
Sharing in love what we know brings new life. "It is in giving that we receive". (St Francis of Assisi).
3. Spiritual Enrichment
Experience the belief that 'God Loves You' expands your mind. You grow in wisdom and come to know God more.
4. Mastering New Skills
As a Catechist your abilities will grow in many ways, including the development of your interpersonal, leadership, story-telling, speaking, use of technology and teaching skills.
5. Being Part of Something Important
Catechists make a difference. They share the most basic message of God's love, this brings great hope to young people. You are participating in Christ's call to share the Good News, is a great source of joy and meaning.