Youth Ministry

Inspired by World Youth Day Sydney in 2008 and animated by the Broken Bay Internship Programme, Woy Woy Youth Group has been a great initiative for young people from the Peninsula area to learn about and share their faith in an open and accepting environment.

The youth group is held on a fortnightly basis at Woy Woy Catholic Church after 6pm Sunday Mass. This gives the group the opportunity to engage in the liturgy and to break open the word and discuss its relevance in today’s society, as well as the chance to explore other pressing and controversial topics found within Christian circles today.

The youth group aims to target high school students between the ages of 13-18.

For those young adults who have left school but still wish to discuss and share their faith with young like minded people. A new initiative entitled 'YAG' (Young Adults Group) will be commencing this year. This targets people between the ages of 18-30.

For more information or general inquiries into either the Youth Group or YAG.
Call: Sam French - 0422-449-539