The Eucharist is a sacrifice, a presence and a food.

Sacrifice: It makes present Jesus Christ's sacrafice on the cross at Calvary for our salvation
Presence: It is Jesus Christ himself under the appearance of bread and wine
Food: It is the nourishment of our souls by which we share in Gods own life


First Holy Communion

First Communion is celebrated on the Sundays of Eastertide.  Groups are arranged during the preparation process.  Their size is limited according to the Mass chosen.

For further Information, please contact the Parish Office.

Preparation Class 1   To be advised
Preparation Class 2   To be advised
Preparation Class 3   To be advised
Preparation Class 4   To be advised
Reconciliation            To be advised
Enrichment Day         To be advised


Parent Information & Enrolment Sessions
This preparation commences at the time of the Parent Information and Enrolment Session.  These sessions are for parents only and where possible, the children's sponsors who were chosen for their confirmation are also welcomed and encouraged to attend at SJB


In preparing your children worthily for the sacrament, you make the committment to assist them to work through the resources, which the parish will make available at the Parent Information Session.  These worksheets will need to be completed in the home, prior to you and your child attending four, one hour preparation sessions.  It is also expected that you and your child attend Mass on Sundays.