Parish Finance Committee

Parish Finance CommitteeThe financial stewardship of our parish communities
is the responsibility of every parishioner.

The Parish is dependent on the weekly donations made by parishioners to meet its expenses. There are two collections taken up during each Weekend Mass. The first collection covers some of the costs of providing clergy to our Parish, as well as the costs of some diocesan agencies and services. The second collection goes into our Parish accounts. The funds are used by the parish to cover the balance of the costs incurred in providing for our clergy, as well as paying staff salaries and expenses, insurance premiums, computers and communications costs, electricity and other utilities, the costs incurred in maintaining our churches, presbyteries, parish halls and grounds and the costs of providing the various pastoral programmes and services.

Planned Giving Programme

In order to adequately plan parish revenues and expenses, the Parish operates a Planned Giving Programme. You are invited to share in the life of our Parish community by participating in the Planned Giving Programme and making a regular financial contribution through direct debit, credit card deductions or weekly cash envelopes. We thank you for your generosity and commitment to our Parish.

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee (PFC) comprises the Parish Priest and appointed lay leaders in our communities. The PFC assists Parish Priest with all financial matters relating to the operation, maintenance and planning of our Parish.

I want to support our Parish financially by joining the Planned Giving Program (PDF 548KB)