Becoming a Catholic

Interested in becoming a Catholic?

If the answer is yes, then allow us to introduce you to the R.C.I.A.

What is the R.C.I.A.?

R.C.I.A. stands for the 'Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults'. It is a process whereby those interested in learning about the Catholic faith come together on a weekly basis to learn about the teachings in the Bible, and of the Catholic Church, and at the same time, to discover where God is present in their lives.

It is a Communal Journey

That leads to a transformation of mind and spirit through sharing prayer and worship with the church community.

It is a Personal Journey

Which allows enquirers to examine their own relationship with God in an environment of Catholics sharing their own living faith and guided by the Gospel values.

How does it work?

The process of becoming a Catholic Christian is a journey in faith made in the company of other enquirers, catechists, sponsors and priests.

The enquirer journeys through up to four periods of formation involving discussion and sharing of the Gospel stories of Jesus Christ and what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Enquirers are welcome and are free to journey for as long as they wish.

How do I start?

For more information, contact Deacon Kevin by phone on 9410 9026 or email at

How long will it take?

It will depend on where you are starting from. In most parish groups people will commence in about August/September and journey to the following Easter and conclude at the time of Pentecost (6 weeks after Easter).

No pressure is exerted on anyone to become Catholic. The R.C.I.A. team will respect the uniqueness of each person and you will only take each step when you are personally ready for it.

What are the Sacraments of Initiation?

These are the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion, received by unbaptised people as they become members of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church recognises the Baptism received by Christians from a number of other Christian Churches. In these cases, the people entering the Catholic Church are welcomed into full Communion with the Catholic Church and would receive the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion.

Who are Sponsors?

They are practising Catholics who offer special support and encouragement by walking the journey with the enquirer and providing a personal link between the candidate and the Church community.

Who are Catechists?

They are practising Catholics who take responsibility for guiding the formation process of the members of the group. As those information share their experience of God in their own lives, catechists guide them to a deeper reflection on the teachings of Jesus Christ and a greater understanding of the faith of the Church.

Helpers on the way

Sponsors, Catechists and other team members work to establish a friendly and sincere atmosphere to help candidates overcome early uncertainties.

The parish priest is available for personal, spiritual, or pastoral advice if requested.

The whole parish community is encouraged to offer support through prayer and friendly interest.

We welcome all who make this journey of faith into the Catholic community of Broken Bay.