The Family Group Movement

The Family Group Movement was started in Terry Hills Parish, Broken Bay Diocese in 1972 and since that time it has spread to many parishes, states, and countries. This program was initiated in our parish more than 25 years ago. Currently, we have five family groups with a membership of about 100 people. Some of our members are from the start, and they have immensely enjoyed and benefited being members.

What is the Family Group Movement?

It is a group of multiple families that gather to know about each other, support each other's joys and sorrows, build the Christian community, and involve children in this sharing.

Who are the members of the Family Groups?

Members of the Family Groups are typically families with grandparents, one parent families, and single people yougn and old. All are entitled to be members.

What happens in a Family Group?

The Family Groups meet regularly, generally once a month. The activities are varied, to enjoy being with one another and to develop supportive relationships through Jesus. We generally share our experiences and in doing so and socializing together, we build a strong Catholic parish community.

What are the benefits of the Family Groups?

By joining the Family Group you will experience acceptance, love, care and support from other human beings. The Gospel message comes alive: Love one another as I have loved you. Our motto is 'A Family for All'.

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