Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Committee & Liturgy Team

Parish Pastoral Council

Our parish is served by a Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) made up of our Parish Priest, Assistant Priests and representative parishioners.

The role of the Council is to provide advice and support to the Parish Priest in the areas of pastoral planning, parish administration and ministry, and parish mission. Elections are held every 3 years.

A member of the PPC serves as a representative on the Parish Finance Committee.

The Council welcomes ideas and issues from parishioners.

The Parish Priest is President of the Parish Pastoral Council, reflecting his role as President of the community, while Council meetings themselves are chaired by a chairperson elected by the members of the PPC. The PPC meets monthly.

Current members of the PPC are:

  • Warren Seeto (Chair)
  • Paul Taqueban
  • Bernadette Ho
  • Ditas Naguit
  • Sue Kilminster
  • Jan Hunter
  • Ferdinand Abernales
  • Anthony Seeto
  • Gail Gill
  • Phil Ledlin

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is appointed by the Parish Priest in accordance with the Code of Canon Law, and assists and advises the Parish Priest and Finance and Facilities Office, Michael Mercer, on the financial administration of the parish. The meetings of the Finance Committee, like the meetings of the PPC, are held monthly.  The Committee meets monthly.

Current members of the Finance Committee are:

  • Martin Teulan (Chair)
  • Chrystal de Croos
  • Richard Wrona
  • Tony Di Mauro
  • John Wu
  • Ann Wang
  • Rick Doran

Parish Liturgy Team

The Liturgy Committee prepare major liturgies and reflect on the quality of the parish's prayer life.  They meet monthly.

Current members of the LIturgy Team are:

  • Gerard Ryan (Chair)
  • Charmaine Wan
  • Laura Pereira
  • Bianca Zatz
  • Hamish Lavery
  • Darlene Dixon
  • Leo Barry
  • Christopher Robbins