How an Atrium Session works

How an Atrium session works

Children come to the Atrium for one and a half to two hours per week during the school term. When the children arrive at the Atrium they are given a presentation based on scripture or liturgy which is accompanied by a set of materials. The children are shown how to use the materials to further reflect on the themes presented in their own 'work' time.

After this, the children are invited to work individually with materials of their own choice.  This is the time when the child’s heart, mind and spirit are open to God.

“During the time that the children are on their own they are absorbing and internalising the parable, their activity can be a passage to prayer or prayer itself.”
-Sofia Cavalletti (co-founder)

When the time in the Atrium draws to a close we gather for communal prayer in the prayer corner to conclude our time together in God’s presence.
There is an enrolment and introduction process which means new children normally join at the beginning of a school term.
We also charge a small fee to cover running costs which is currently $8.00 per session and charged by the term.