The first Sacrament in the 2021-2022 Children's Sacramental Program is Confirmation.  
Baptised children who are 8 years of age (usually in year 3) or older are eligible to join the program.

The dates for the 2021 Children's Confirmation preparation program are:

 Enrolments  Monday 10 to Monday 24 May
Confirmation Parent Meeting Magnificat Meeting 
Tuesday 1 June 
Thursday 2 June
Saturday 5 June
Sunday 6 June
1:30pm or 6:30pm
2:30pm or 4:00pm
Facilitator Training Wednesday 9 June 1:00pm or 6:30pm 
Parish Atrium
Child/Parent Sessions Wednesdays 
Session 1: 16 June
Session 2: 23 June
School Holiday Break
Session 3: 14 July
Session 4:21 July

or 6:30pm 

Session 1: 19 June
Session 2: 26 June
School Holiday Break
Session 3: 17 July
Session 4: 24 July

before Vigil Mass

Session 1: 20 June
Session 2: 27 June
School Holiday Break
Session 3: 18 July
Session 4: 25 July

before 9.00am Mass
10.15am after 9.00am Mass

Practise Wednesday 28 July
or Thursday 29 July

4:00pm or 6:30pm both days
in the Church

Sacrament Celebration Options Saturday 31 July
Sunday 1 August

2:00pm or 4:00pm
12:00 noon, 2:00pm or 4:00pm
in the Church