Married Couples

Marriage Blessings at Mass

We encourage the blessing of couples at key milestones in their lives: e.g. a special anniversary such at 10, 25 or 50 years. This is a beautiful gesture, not only for the couple but for the whole parish who have a very real investment in their love! A blessing and renewal of wedding vows can be arranged at one of the Sunday Masses.

To arrange a blessing for your wedding anniversary, contact: Nicole Gorman in the parish office on 9410 9020 or email 

Married Couples Seminars

Marriage is a journey and it is vital that a husband and wife keep growing in and working at their love for each other. The parish recommends and sometimes host marriage enrichment seminars:

  • Celebrate Love Marriage Encounter

Marital difficulties

Marriage is not an easy vocation, and our parish is keen to reach out to couples who are having marital difficulties through CatholicCare Broken Bay

From the Catholic perspective, married couples are called to a challenging vocation indeed, one which is different from marriage outside the Catholic Church. It involves not only two people, but a community of people. It carries with it great responsibilities. This why divorce is taken so seriously in the Catholic Church.

Having said that, the Catholic Church recognises that people do not always marry wisely, and at times enter into relationships which in hindsight never had the foundations of a valid sacrament of Marriage. In such cases, couples can request an annulment. In the annulment process, the Church (via a marriage tribunal) examines the circumstances of the marriage and makes a judgment as to its validity or otherwise.

If a marriage is to be found to have been invalid, the marriage is annulled and the person is free to marry in the Catholic Church again. Where a Marriage is found to have been valid, remarriage is not permitted. This does not imply, however, a rejection of the person or an exclusion from taking part in the overall life of the Church. annulments, divorce and remarriage are a delicate subject, and care should be taken to seek expert advice for each specific case.

For further information about the annulment process, contact the marriage tribunal in Broken Bay Diocese:

Additional resources:

  • When Dreams Die - a pastoral letter by the Australian Bishops
  • The Beginning Experience - weekend program of healing and renewal for those who find themselves single again
  • Seasons - a program of healing for people who have suffered the pain of divorce, both adults and children