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Donations to the Parish

We have two regular collections in the parish each weekend.

The First Collection goes to a common fund (Pastoral Revenue) across all diocesan parishes and is used to support the Bishop and all the priests (active and retired) in the Diocese. Donations for Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Easter and Christmas offerings also go to the Pastoral Revenue.

The Second Collection (Church Account) stays in the parish to meet all our expenses. Rents, planned giving, regular direct debits and other donations (unless explicitly directed elsewhere) go to the Church Account. Funds from the account built, and is now used to maintain the church, hall, offices, presbytery and grounds. It pays for all our running costs including insurance, employment and office, church and pastoral expenses. Donations through Tap ‘n’ Go in the church and Donate Now on our website go to the Church Account.

All other special collections go to the charity or activity that is advertised when we have the appeal.

Thank-you all for your on-going generosity to these collections.