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  COVID Update


Lockdown Edict

A strict lockdown for all Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour.

Places of Worship

All Churches in the Diocese of Broken Bay are to remain closed during this time. Non-essential visitors are not permitted on parish sites at this time.

    The obligation for the faithful to participate in Sunday Mass (can.1247) remains suspended for the people of Broken Bay for the duration of this lockdown.


Weddings can occur at this time, with a maximum of 11 people present, including those required to conduct the ceremony.

Funerals may occur with up to 10 people. The person conducting the service and those necessary for the preparation and conduct of the service, are now in addition to the 10 guests.

Work Arrangements

All employers must allow an employee to work from home, if the employee is reasonably able to do so.

In Terrigal parish one secretary  will be available to respond most days.  

Pastoral Care to sick and elderly, in hospital or care facilities.

CatholicCare team members at their respective hospitals:

- Peter Brown (Gosford) – some wards closed for visiting.

- Br. John Verhoeven (Wyong) - some wards closed for visiting.

- Louise Smith (RNSH) - some wards closed for visiting with Sue May – working from home.

- Denis O’Brien (NBH and Mona Vale) – permitted to attend at either hospital for specific pastoral requests only.

- Anna Pawlak-Simpson (Hornsby and SAH) – not permitted on site at either hospital, available for pastoral conversations by phone.

Although most hospitals have restricted visitors from outside, our Priests are still permitted to come in, when requested, to administer the Sacraments to end-of-life patients.

No volunteer Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are permitted at this time.

Similar restriction may be in place at aged care facilities.


Special Religious Education (SRE) in Public Schools

The Department of Education has worked closely with NSW Health to develop a framework for COVID-19 response settings for public schools. They have developed a framework with 4 levels of restrictions.

All Public schools in Broken Bay are currently at level 4, with Home Based Learning the norm. It is anticipated that when the Stay at Home Order ends, they will move into level 3 restrictions.

While SRE is an essential part of the education curriculum, at this stage the Department of Education has only notified that providers of SRE will be permitted in schools in levels 2 and 1.

We await further information in relation to Level 3 restrictions. SRE providers have negotiated with the Department of Education to ensure Learning from Home SRE resources are made available to families. The Catholic Learning from Home resources can be found here on theCCRESS website.

Covid-19 Vaccinations

We strongly encourage you to consider being vaccinated and arrange to do so, as soon as possible.

The Australian Department of Health has developed a number of resources to help explain the vaccination  plan.


Covid Safe Behaviours

COVID-safe behaviours such as the practice of good hand hygiene,physical distancing and QR code check ins continue to keep our communities safe.


Additional Information

Please remain vigilant to information from NSW Health, particularly in relation to the locations of current COVID-19 cases.

If you have any queries, please contact the Parish Office.



 Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion 

 for children who have missed out

Dear parents,

My name is Vince Casey. I am the Parish Priest of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church at Terrigal.

There have been several enquiries from parents about helping children in year 4 or older catch-up on sacraments they may have missed out on. If this applies to your child, I am writing to invite you to enrol him or her in a catch-up program.  

We are enrolling children in year 4 and over for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (or Confession). Children need to have been baptized to enrol. Please bring their baptism certificate or the details of their baptism.

Our preparation will involve two sessions with both a parent and the child present.

The Sacrament will be celebrated with appointments being made for each child / family.

Later we will begin a catch-up program for these and any other children who have missed out on receiving Holy Communion.

Please pass this information onto any late primary or high school children who may not have received all their sacraments. Any adults who have missed out would also be welcome to join in the program.

If you have any further questions or would like to support Fr Vince and Janette on this Sacramental team, please contact the parish office on (02) 4376 4610.

We look forward to beginning this spiritual journey with you and your child.