Return to Mass from Monday 18 October

From Monday 18 October, everyone,  both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated, can gather again in the church to celebrate Mass! Up to 217 people can attend.

All COVID-safety requirements must be followed. This means QR code, hand sanitizing, social distancing and masks.

This first week we will have some extra Masses and times for Reconciliation and everyone is invited to come along to one week-day Mass before our Sunday celebration. We are doing this for everyone to have the opportunity to  return gradually and to feel comfortable and safe.

The schedule for Mass and Reconciliation this week will be as  follows:

Monday 18         9am  Mass.

Tuesday 19         7.30am Mass;   11.30am Reconciliation;    12 noon Mass.

Wednesday 20  7.30am Mass;   11.30am Reconciliation;    12 noon Mass.

Thursday 21       7.30am Mass;   11.30am Reconciliation;    12 noon Mass.

Friday 22             9.00am Mass;   11.30am Reconciliation;    12 noon Mass.

Saturday 23      8.30am Reconciliation;  9.00am Mass;   9.30am Reconciliation;   5pm Mass.

Sunday 24          7am Mass;   8.30am Mass;   10am Mass.

After this we will return to our regular timetable.

Fr Vince


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  COVID Update


Easing of COVID restrictions

The NSW Government has published its “Roadmap” for easing of COVID restrictions and during the week Bishop Anthony sent a letter applying these to the Diocese. The letter is attached to the bulletin email, is on the notice-board outside the church, and is summarized here. I have added details that concern our Parish.    Fr Vince

From Monday 18 October 2021

Masses will resume. The vaccination status of those attending or ministering does not have to be verified, but anyone who is performing a ministry and is not double vaccinated is asked to inform the celebrant.

Reconciliation and Baptisms will resume.

Devotions such as Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and the St Michael Prayer Group may resume in the church.

COVID-safe practices are required. This means:

The one person per 4 square metres rule applies to indoor gatherings.  Our church is 868 sqm in area which means we can have 217 people attend a service. This is more than would normally attend a Mass, so we will not be required to book in.

We are required to register our attendance by using the QR code; to sanitise our hands; to wear a face mask; and for different households to remain 1.5 metres apart, where possible.

In the celebration of Mass:

There will be no congregational singing, though we can have music and up to ten fully vaccinated cantors.

There will be no contact at the Sign of Peace.

Communion will be available only under the form of bread, not from the chalice.

Those who wish to receive communion on the tongue must come at the end of the Communion line and the priest is required to sanitise his hands after each communicant.

Parish Office and other facilities are only open for the fully vaccinated till 1 December.

From 1 December 2021:

Congregational singing will be permitted. We do not yet know what other restrictions will be retained for the celebration of Mass.

We can have one person per 2 square meters in the church, hall, meeting rooms and offices. This means 434 people can attend a service in our church.

There will be no other restrictions on the use of parish facilities but most COVID-safe practices will continue for the use of all parish facilities. 

Great caution is required as we return to Mass and other public gatherings. The delta variant is much more contagious than the COVID-19 variant that was in the community last year when we returned to the celebration of Mass. We know what we must do to protect ourselves and others, so let’s do it and stay cautious.


Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion 

 for children who have missed out

 There have been several enquiries from parents about helping children in year 4 or older catch-up on sacraments they may have missed out on. If this applies to your child, invite you to enrol him or her in a catch-up program.  

We are enrolling children in year 4 and over for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (or Confession). Children need to have been baptized to enrol. Please bring their baptism certificate or the details of their baptism.

Our preparation will involve two sessions with both a parent and the child present.

The Sacrament will be celebrated with appointments being made for each child / family.

Later we will begin a catch-up program for these and any other children who have missed out on receiving Holy Communion.

Please pass this information onto any late primary or high school children who may not have received all their sacraments. Any adults who have missed out would also be welcome to join in the program.

  If you have any further questions or would like to support Fr Vince and Janette on this Sacramental team, please contact the parish office on (02) 4376 4610.

 We look forward to beginning this spiritual journey with you and your child.