Ministries at Mass

Altar Society, Flowers, Banners and Church Cleaning

The Altar Society offers an opportunity to take an active role in the parish by offering one’s service on a practical level in the care of the sanctuary of our church and the church as a whole. 

A roster is publicised in the Parish Bulletin.

Contact the Parish Office for direct contact details. 

Liturgy Committee

We plan to re-establish a liturgy committee in the next few months. 

If you are interested, please contact the Parish Office.

Ministers of the Altar

A roster is in the parish bulletin for all ministers of the altar. 

Extra Ordinary Ministers of Communion
Extra Ordinary Ministers of Communion assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and to the sick and housebound.  The ministry is open to everyone who is over eighteen years of age. Training and practical guidance is available.

Senior Altar Servers
This ministry of service is open to male or female altar servers. We have a minimum of two servers at SUnday Masses and one server for each weekday Mass. Senior altar servers also assist the priest at funerals and weddings. If you wish to serve at the altar, training will be provided.
Contact Pauline Maniskas via the Parish Office.

Junior Altar Servers
Male or female altar servers can begin serving from year 5 at primary school.  Candidates receive training and practical guidance. If you wish to serve at the altar contact Phil Proust via the Parish Office.


Ministry of the Word

The parish has a team of active and dedicated readers who proclaim the Word at each of our four Sunday Masses and daily Mass. Training and mentoring are provided. Readers are on a roster which is published in the parish bulletin. Readers are expected to prepare their reading and to reflect on its meaning before the Mass.

Young readers of high school age and any adult parishioner are invited to join with us in this ministry. 

If you are interested, please contact the Parish Office.