Parish Ministries


Our Priest is responsible for the administration of the Parish and the sacramental life and spiritual needs of the parishioners.

Please contact him through the Parish Office.

More information on Parish Clergy.


Our two secretaries, Janette and Nellie, are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the parish and have the latest facts about church and parish activities. They liaise between the priest and parish groups to facilitate smooth operation of parish functions and programs, etc. They are instrumental in the operation of the Planned Giving program, so any enquiries regarding this should be directed to them. They can provide parishioners with contact address or telephone numbers in accordance with the latest privacy legislation.

The Parish Office is open Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm.

More information on Parish Staff.

Parish Pastoral Council

Our Parish Pastoral Council is made up of a group of devoted parishioners of all ages who work in various ministries in the church and school communities.

We support the priest in the pastoral ministries of the parish and help him to make the best decisions to ensure that, in preaching the gospel, we remain vibrant and relevant in the contemporary world. As part of the Parish Vision we aim to Respond personally, Care for each other, Educate, Serve, Celebrate, and Evangelise.

Members: Michael Slattery; Vince Casey; Matt McCudden; Chris Hartcher; Lauren Malek; Steve Imbrulia; Alison Ryan; Janette Merrotsy; Michelle Weisbaum; Gemma Maree; Phil Proust; John Barton; Louis George; Caroline Zavolokin; Geraldene Jeltes ( Minutes )

Parish Mission Statement (PDF 232.6KB)

Contact Parish Office for direct contact details.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is made up of a group of parishioners who are active in the church and school communities and have some expertise in finance. They meet about six times a year and assist the Parish Priest with the administration and raising and allocating parish funds according to the prepared annual budget.

The parish finances come mainly through collections at Sunday Mass.  The first collection provides for the priests of the parish, the bishop and retired priests of the diocese. Donations for sacraments are included in this collection. The second collection covers all the costs in running the parish and caring for its assets. Planned Giving envelopes, donations by credit card and rents are part of this collection.

Chairman: Frank Sammut

Planned Giving is vital to keep our parish running. Contact Parish Office if you would like to participate in the Planned Giving Program


Parish Bus

Parish Bus Drivers are volunteers and are rostered on a monthly basis. The Parish Bus is utilised during the weekend to pick up parishioners from their homes and to take them to church and back home again. The bus is also available for other parish community outings.
If you have a current Light Rigid (LD) license and would be interested in offering your driving service or you require OLSS Bus Service, please contact the Parish Office.


Wardens and Counters

Wardens take up the collections at Mass. Counters count and record the collections on Sunday mornings. There is also a Counters Roster. 

If you are interested in becoming a Warden, contact the Parish Office for more information.