Music Ministries

Music Ministries

Music enhances our liturgy; we strive to have music at all our weekend celebrations of Mass.
There are many opportunities to participate in the ministry of music.

Parish Schola

The Parish Schola has a long tradition of presenting fine liturgical music in the parish. Under the direction of Mr. Walter Sutcliffe, it presents at the 9.15a.m. Mass on the first Sunday of each month, and rehearses at 7p.m. on the two Wednesdays prior to the first Sunday of the month. Holy Name Parish is proud to be a member of The Australian Guild of Church Musicians.

If you sing or play piano, guitar, drums, or any instrument at all, we invite you to come along to the Holy Name Sunday night music group, WYSPERS. All are welcome, regardless of age (yr 6 - adult) and confidence level! It's a great chance to learn some new music, have fun, and help the whole congregation participate more fully in the Mass. Rehearsal is from 4:30p.m. any Sunday evening,

Family School Masses
On the second Sunday of the month during school periods we celebrate a special Family Mass at 9.15a.m. hosted by one of the years at school. There are many ways to participate in this great celebration!

“Pop-Up” Choir
Holy Name Parish is blessed with many keen musicians. Occasionally they come together to provide a wonderful treat of music for our key celebrations at Christmas time and at Easter. This is a great way to celebrate with others who love creating music!

We have a number of fine singers who lead the congregation in singing at our Weekend celebrations of Mass. New cantors are always welcome. As well, those who would like to support our cantors at Mass are most welcome. Cantors are also required for celebrations such as funerals and weddings and other liturgical events.

As we strive to have music at all our Weekend celebrations, we are always on the look out for organists to form a roster. As well, we have many other celebrations that require an organist, particularly funerals and weddings, and other liturgical celebrations such as Parish Reconciliation liturgies.

Parish Schola
Richard Fitzpatrick

Family School Masses
Sally Oong
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“Pop Up” Choir

Chrissie Goldrick
0438 625 056
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