The Catholic Parish of Holy Name welcomes you!

Our parish, situated in the beautiful surroundings of Billyard Ave, Wahroonga, enjoys a rich heritage and a vibrant community spirit which it wishes to share with you. We began in 1948 under the care of the Dominican Fathers and many different Religious communities in the Church have been associated with our parish over its history. We honour and celebrate that contribution, particularly in maintaining a Dominican character to our life evident in our church which draws many to itself for its beauty and
simplicity as a place of prayer.

The life of our community is nourished in many different ways—through our liturgy which is served by wonderful musical talent, by many community social and pastoral activities, and various initiatives of outreach that are unique to our parish.

Our parish enjoys the presence of four schools— our parish primary school, Prouille, St Lucy’s and St. Edmund’s schools for children with special needs, and St. Leo’s, a regional Catholic secondary school.

We invite you to spend time looking through this guide to our community life. The pages reflect the features of our life as a community of faith. Hopefully a number of the activities you read about will interest you. We welcome your participation and your contribution so that our parish may continue to grow in faith, discipleship and witness of the Risen Lord, present in our midst.

“Parishes are neighbourhoods of grace, not just congregations, but
bright beacons of faith, hope and love.”

(Bishop Peter Comensoli, on his appointment as the Bishop of Broken Bay in Nov. 2014)

Our Parish is brought together by Faith
and flourishes through our Mission to share God’s love.
We are committed to Holy Name Parish being a ‘neighbourhood of grace’ that:

Welcomes everyone who enters our Holy Name community and strives to foster a continuing sense of invitation, friendship and belonging – for all who seek it.

Listens to the needs of its parishioners.

Encourages initiatives to provide opportunities for participation to promote this sense of belonging amongst the diverse parts of our community – so that no-one need feel overlooked in our mission to share God’s love with all.

Enhances and supports our individual faith journeys, grounded in our baptism and discipleship of Jesus Christ and centered on the Eucharist, by striving to find ways to make our forms of worship meaningful and relevant for all in our Holy Name community.

Builds strong relationships with other organisations in the broader community, with a focus on the schools in our area – in order that all families feel our invitation to develop their faith and friendships through being a part of the Holy Name community.

Promotes appropriate action on social justice, equality, peace and human rights – integrating them deeply into the life of our community.