The Structure of our Parish

The Parish Priest
Fr Paul Durkin
Fr. Paul is appointed by the Bishop of Broken Bay with leadership of the parish community. He is assisted in his ministry of leadership for the parish in a variety of ways:

  • Our Assistant Priest, Fr Sam French
  • Our Parish Secretary, Mrs. Jackie Thornton manages our parish office and attends to the administrative needs of the parish office. The office is opened Monday to Friday. Jackie is not in the office on a Wednesday.
  • Our Sacramental Coordinator, Mrs. Sally Oong co-ordinates the preparation of children for the Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Eucharist, and also assists in the co-ordination of School Family Masses.
  • Our Parish Book-keeper, Mrs Ilona Dudek manages the financial requirements of the parish.

The Parish Pastoral Council
The Parish Pastoral and Missionary Council is the primary pastoral advisory body to Fr. Paul, reflecting on the pastoral life and needs of the parish, and assisting in the development of existing and new pastoral initiatives, at the service of growing the life of the parish community. It considers the vision of the life of the community and reflects on the future life of the parish community. The Parish Pastoral Council meets on a monthly basis.

The Parish Finance Committee
The Parish Finance Committee advises Fr. Paul on the financial management of the parish. It reviews income and expenditure, considers the financial obligations of the parish, reflects on developing the financial strength of the parish, and attends to the financial implications of the ongoing maintenance of the parish buildings and environs. The Parish Finance Committee meets, at least, on a quarterly basis.

The Principal of the Catholic Primary School in the Parish
The Principal of Prouille, the Catholic Primary School in the Parish, Ms. Genevieve Smith, along with the school executive, collaborates with Fr. Paul in developing the life of the faith community of Wahroonga. The Principal of Prouille is an ex officio member of the Parish Pastoral and Missionary Council.

The Co-ordinators of the Diverse Ministries in the Parish
Many of our parishioners through their remarkable generosity assume responsibility for the life and conduct of the many ministries undertaken in the parish. Through their leadership the life of the community in its many expressions is enabled to be of service to the entire parish. These people are supported in their leadership by many other parishioners who comprise their teams. Their names and contacts are detailed on the various Ministry pages.