Care of Church & Parish Property

Church Cleaning Team

The Wyong Church cleaning team consists of approximately 8 cleaners forming 4 groups. The groups are rostered to clean the church on a weekly basis, including holiday periods. They perform a variety of tasks keeping all areas of the church clean and tidy. They are a wonderful group of dedicated parishioners, whose friendly and pleasant attitude is a great expression of our living faith and dedication to the Lord’s ministry.

Barbara Fish

Ph:02 4352 1293

Laundering of Church Linen

These ladies are responsible of laundering of church linen. They are rostered on a monthly basis.

Wyong - Irene Smith

Ph:0422 574 853

Tumbi - Marie-Ann Johnson

Ph:02 4388 5681

Lawn mowing and Gardening

These groups of men are rostered in pairs on a fortnightly roster over every two months. 
They are responsible for the appearance of the church grounds at Wyong. Working Bees are arranged when required for any major clean-up. These usually occur every 6 months.

Brian Bugden

Ph:02 4388 2938

Maintenence Team

These men are responsible for non-major repairs and maintenance across the parish. When specific expertise areas need to be addressed, volunteers are requested in the Parish Bulletin or contractors are called. 

Brian Bugden

Ph:02 4388 2938