Sacrament Program

The Sacramental Program

The family is where we begin our journey through life.  We learn to love, to celebrate, to forgive, to share joys and support each other.  Families have their own unique celebrations and rituals that are rich in storytelling and traditions.  Celebrations and rituals add to the life and substance of the family, they build and deepen relationships.

The Same is true for our journey in faith.  Families are the place where we learn about Jesus Christ through stories from scripture, experiencing the liturgical cycle and sacramental life through community, symbols and rituals.  It is through our family's example and teaching that we learn about Jesus Christ.  The next place of learning, alongside the family, is the parish where catechists and Catholic school assist and provide support in the ongoing faith formation of the child and family.  An essential part of this faith formation is preparation for and celebration of the sacraments.  

In order to assist and support children and their families, Wyong Parish has a comprehensive Sacramental Program to help prepare for these special events. 

Please contact the Parish Office on  4352 1011 or at to make arrangements for your child to receive instruction for Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Eucharist.