Christmas, Holy Week and Holy Days

Reconciliation 2nd form of the Rite of Reconciliation

St Cecilia’s Church 6pm Wednesday 29th March.

Reconciliation 1st form of the Rite of Reconciliation

St John Fisher Mass Ctr

1st April      Saturday Vigil   Reconciliation following the 5pm Mass

2nd April     Sunday  Reconciliation following the 5pm Mass

Easter Ceremonies

Holy Thursday             Mass of the Last Supper           

6th  April                           St John Fisher Tumbi 7pm 

Followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament  (Reconciliation will be available)

Good Friday                 Stations of the Cross        

7th April   

 St Cecilia’s Wyong 10am

St John Fisher Tumbi 10am

The Lord’s Passion

St Cecilia’s Wyong 3pm

St John Fisher Tumbi 3pm

Holy Saturday Easter Vigil Mass

8th April St Cecilia’s Wyong 7pm

Easter Sunday Mass of the Resurrection

9th April St Cecilia’s Wyong 

7.30am & 9.30am

St John Fisher Tumbi

8.30am & 5pm

Easter Ceremonies

We will continue with the same format used the last 5 years for our Easter ceremonies;

Holy Thursday service in our Parish will take place at St John Fisher only, and that the Easter Saturday Vigil service will take place at St Cecilia’s  only.

This allows the opportunity for the whole parish to come together as one on these two significant occasions and allows our priests the    opportunity of concelebrating Mass on the feast of the institution of the priesthood (Holy Thursdays Mass of the Last Supper) and the Mass which many regard as being the most symbolic in our liturgical year (The Easter Saturday Vigil).

Good Friday and Easter Sunday services will still take place at both Tumbi and Wyong as per previous years.